The Love Within

They have come to understand that this Grand Consciousness is all “mental.” That is, It is conscious but It has no way to experience its consciousness. All consciousness is light and information. All matter is, ultimately, light and information. So the Grand Consciousness slowed some of its light frequencies and conceived the Universe. Quantum physics thinks along these lines.

When we make connection between the Immutable Spirit and ourselves, we are tuned into the Light and Information of the Universe. When we are tuned in we know we are tasked with the mission of experiencing on behalf of the Grand Consciousness. It is cliche but still true – we are the hands of the Divine. Our purpose, the meaning of our lives, is to experience.

The highest mission we have is to be who we really are. In our highest mission we are who we really are and thereby experience on behalf of the Cosmic Consciousness. We can be that through happiness. We are, at our most basic levels, light and information also. However, we can see and feel, taste, touch, smell. Build. Observe. Dream.